Reassemble your bike after travel

At Giant Knox City we offer a bike packing service.  This is for people who want to travel with their bike.  Below are some instructions to help you reassemble your bike. 

Step 1:
Remove bike from box and remove any padding/packaging

Step 2:
Install handle bars.  Ensure the cables are not twisted.  Undo the stem face plate bolts (usually 4) and fit the handlebars.  
Refit the face plate and all the mounting bolts.
Torque to spec. (5-6nm for most Giant stems)

Step 3:
Install the pedals.  Ensure the left pedal is on the left side of the bike (rider left) and right pedal is on the right.  The pedals are usually marked with a L or R on the end of the spindle.  The pedals should thread in by hand easily.  Tighten with a 15mm open ended spanner or 8/6mm allen key.
NOTE: The left hand pedal is a reverse thread (anti clockwise to tighten).

Step 4:
Refit the front wheel.
For quick release systems: refit the quick release skewer into the wheel, fit the wheel into the fork dropouts and tighten. (See quick release tightening instructions)
For through axle systems: fit the wheel into the fork dropouts and push axle through fork and tighten with allen key to spec.

Step 5:
Check front brake is operational.  For rim brakes: reconnect the brake calliper clip and pull brake lever to ensure brake is working.
For disc brakes: pull on brake lever to ensure brake is working.

Step 6:
Reinstall the seat post.  Ensure seat is straight and tighten seat clamp to spec.  For allen key systems: tighten both bolts evenly with a torque wrench.


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