SRAM Pad Guide Trail Steel Sintered

SRAM Pad Guide Trail Steel Sintered

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SRAM Avid X0 Trail Brakes are designed to slow you down in a hurry, and nothing contributes to that more than the pads. Perhaps thats why few would argue that there is a special joy one feels when they know their bike is equipped with a set of pads that allow you to control yourself on the steep stuff without them over-heating or failing.
Metallic (Sintered) pads last longer, handle heat better, and resist fade better under heavier braking loads, making them extremely good for downhill rides. In wet conditions, metallic pads are a must, however they tend to be noisier in the wet than in the dry.
Designed to fit X0 Trail callipers metallic pads deliver more brake power and wear less in comparison to organic pads and will help give you the control over your downhill runs that youve been wanting.

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