Kurt Kinetic Traxle - Course Thread T-2101 - Trainer Axle

Kurt Kinetic Traxle - Course Thread T-2101 - Trainer Axle

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The Kinetic Traxle is a precision-machined replacement thru-axle for bikes that easily adapts any 12mm thru-axle system to firmly lock into bike trainer cone cups. If using the Kinetic Traxle with a non-Kinetic trainer, first measure trainer axle opening to be sure that the Traxle will fit. Kinetic trainers open wider than most other trainer brands.

The Kinetic Traxle comes in 3 thread pitches, T-2101 Coarse - M12 x 1.75mmT-2102 Medium - M12 x 1.5 and T-2100 Fine - M12 x 1.00mm (Fine XL has the same thread pitch and is a longer version of the fine traxle), to fit most bike brands. Unlike stock thru-axles, the Kinetic Traxle has tapered heads that stand out just far enough from the bike frame to fit into the cone cups on a trainer.

Bike frame manufacturers determine thread pitch on their frame sets. It's important to know which thread pitch your bike uses before ordering a Traxle. For instance, DT Swiss makes axles based on manufacturer specifications not a standard single thread pitch, so refer to bike manufacturer to determine which Traxle you need.

Product Notes:

  • Part no. T-2101 | UPC 851061001174

  • Thread Pitch: 1.75mm

  • Over-locknut dimension x diameter: 135mm to 150mm x 12mm

  • Axle length: 12mm x 205mm (spacers included)

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