Giant E-Bike Ridecontrol One MY21 Models
Giant E-Bike Ridecontrol One MY21 Models

Giant E-Bike Ridecontrol One MY21 Models

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Giant RideControl One ANT+ Control Unit - 245-FLED28-15 (Same as 245-FLED28-10)

RideControl ONE takes your E-bike riding experience to new levels with integrated button controls and a clean handlebar layout. The robust buttons are designed to use in all conditions with a comfortable feel and grip. The controls are thoughtfully designed with new LED lighting that shows your battery level and support.

E-bikes equipped with RideControl One can be connected with the Giant E-bike App so your smart phone can function as your E-bike display. The Ride Control ONE is compatible to ANT+ and Bluetooth signals, which means that is wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth or ANT+ cycling computers.


Highlights of the Giant RideControl One ANT+ control unit

Smart Integration
Smart, minimalist technology and design featuring integrated control buttons that are compatible with the Giant E-bike App.

Easy to use
With only a few button controls and indicators, it offers simple control of your E-bike.

Connected with the Giant E-bike app, the RideControl ONE features a variety of functions such as motor tuning, fitness data and navigation.


Note: Compatible with 22.2mm handlebar diameter

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