CushCore Pro 29 x 2.1-2.6" Pair

CushCore Pro 29 x 2.1-2.6" Pair

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CushCore Pro 29 x 2.1-2.6" Pair


CushCore is an engineered foam insert that sits inside a mountain bike tire against the rim. It divides the inner volume of the tire in half, with air underneath the tread as normal, and the CushCore insert next to the rim. This provides an amazing damper for your tire, reducing the sudden unwanted spring back that you get from normal pneumatic tyres. CushCore absorbs shock, protecting your rim from sudden impacts and preventing pinch flats. The support it gives to sidewalls eliminates excessive tyre roll in corners, meaning you no longer have to run heavy, stiff tyres to get the casing stability required for aggressive riding. CushCore also acts as a mechanical bead lock, anchoring the bead inside the rim so that tyre burping is highly unlikely. This system is designed to be used with tubeless-ready or tubeless converted mountain bike rims and tires. The material is also waterproof, compatible with tubeless tyre sealant, and tuned for appropriate rebound feel. Unlike most puncture protection systems, this foam is not destroyed in a single impact. Its ability to withstand repeated impacts without damage is more typical of foams that weigh twice as much. CushCore inserts are manufactured in Canada to tightly controlled quality standards. A customised tubeless air valve is included with each insert. The air valve allows air to move through the valve without becoming obstructed by the insert. Each CushCore insert is born in a huge aluminium mould, a manufacturing process which allows us to create the unique, patent-pending shape. The shape helps secure the tire to the rim, and extends well beyond the rim flange to protect against impacts from all angles. CushCore's special shape also creates the lateral force against the tire sidewalls that gives CushCore the cornering stability and calm ride feel it's known for.

2x CushCores
2x Tubeless valves
1x Valve core tool
Rim stickers

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