Aussie Butt Cream 100ml Tube

Aussie Butt Cream 100ml Tube

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Aussie Butt Cream aims to prevent and redue abrasions, and prevent bacterial and fungal infections that may lead to saddle sores.


  • All natural, no petroleum jelly, no parabens
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia (Australia Tea Tree) for antiseptic qualities
  • Sequential breakdown with cocoa butter, beewax and lanolin
  • Supporter of the Amy Gillett Foundation
  • Philanntropy & Advocacy
  • Made in Australia

Apply a moderate amount say 10gms to the skin area or directly to the chamois by hand each time before activity. If undertaking exercise for long periods, say after 4+ hours, renew the application. The product is designed to be water-soluble for ease of washing.

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