Krush Premium Bike Wash 500 ml

Krush Premium Bike Wash 500 ml

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We all truly know the only way to wash a dirt, mud and grease soaked MTB is your two hands, a bucket of warm water and a purpose made liquid gel wash. 

Krush premium bike wash is a high-end super concentrated gel wash that gives a deep clean even to the most thrashed out bikes on the trail. Krush Premium Bike Wash has been developed to give a deep sudsy wash to lift even the most stubborn road and trail grime. With its powerful degreasing agent, Krush Premium Bike Wash is perfect for cleaning chains, sprockets, derailleurs and any other grease soaked components. Krush Premium Bike Wash is totally safe to use on all bike surfaces from carbon fibre to alloy, plastic, metal and all kinds of paint finishes. 


  • Highly concentrated liquid gel wash
  • Suitable for alloy, carbon, rubber, metal and plastic surfaces
  • Built in degreasing agent for great results on drivetrain, chain sprockets and derailleur
  • Deep cleansing suds lift dirt and grease
  • Biodegradable

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