Vittoria Martello Trail Folding MTB Tyre

Vittoria Martello Trail Folding MTB Tyre

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For mixed terrain conditions

  • Available with World Championship proven TNT bead technology
  • Moto-block square knobs offers stability and durability
  • Progressive side-width provides tactile grip at the knob surface, without sacrificing speed or grip

For technical Enduro trails

Martello hammers home the performance you expect, on the most demanding Enduro and DH courses. Looking for the one tire to tackle a wide range of courses? This is the ticket. How does the Martello deliver this level of performance? Start with a World Championship proven TNT bead, add the proprietary 4C Graphene compound, and top it off with a moto-inspired tread design with progressive width siping. This last part is key, and provides for a progressive feel on the effective edge, allowing for that fine-touch tactile feel that top racers expect. Whether shredding rocks, roots, or mixed terrain, Martello delivers!

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