Stan's Dart Tool***
Stan's Dart Tool***

Stan's Dart Tool***

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Stans developed the Dual Action Repair for Tubeless (DART) to fix damaged tyres faster, easier and better than existing plug tools. While traditional tire plugs try to wedge rubber strips into a puncture, the DART creates a chemical reaction with your Stans sealant to quickly form a permanent airtight bond. 

The DARTs patent pending ability to react with latex sealant makes it more effective than traditional tire plugs, but we didnt stop there. To create the best repair for tubeless tyres possible, we made sure every detail was right. Traditional plug tools were originally developed for car tyres, and their long, sharp tips can cause damage to rim tape, or cut hands. Even worse, their plugs can actually expand many punctures because they rely on a tight fit to hold them in place. In contrast, the DARTs plastic tip is barbed to anchor firmly in place and stay put during even the most aggressive riding while being safer for rims, rim tape, and your hands. The material of the DART is also more flexible, and its laser-cut shape is optimised to contour to the shape of different punctures, maximising surface area to increase the sealing reaction. Because the DART anchors to your tire and creates an instant bond with your sealant, it also wont pull out while riding the way a conventional plug can. One of the best features of the DARTs design is that it doesnt require trimming once inserted, and excess material wont get in the way of your ride. DARTs cant be felt while riding, even on road tyres, and they wear smooth naturally.


The DART Tool is designed to be extremely light, durable and easy to fit into pockets and packs, while offering an ergonomic design thats easy to hold and allows precise DART placement. The DART Tools handle includes a built-in valve core remover, making it easy to add sealant. The tool is made of an ultra-strong but light molded plastic. Because even the small details are important, the rod that presses DARTs into punctures is made of ultralight, corrosion-resistant and incredibly strong carbon. The length of the rod is specifically calibrated to let you insert DARTs to the perfect depth every time, just by pressing until the head of the DART Tool contacts your tire. No more damage to rim or rim tape during a fast repair. The head of the DART Tool is double-sided and reversible, allowing it to hold two sealed DARTs on each side. This makes it possible to install two DARTs quickly when sealing the largest slices and punctures and even multiple punctures. Clear thread-on caps protect the stored DARTS, keeping them clean and ready to use, while being easy to see through to ensure you have a fresh DART ready for a repair, and quick to unthread for fast deployment. It all fits together in a compact tool that easily fits in any pocket or pack.

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