Frameskin Wrap chain stay protector tape 2m roll

Frameskin Wrap chain stay protector tape 2m roll

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Frameskin Wrap is waterproof and oil resistant and will stay in position until you take it off. Unlike standard neoprene protectors, moisture and grit can't get behind Frameskin Wrap and when it comes time to removal, it will leave no sticky residue behind. 1 roll is more than enough for a thick wrap for a mountain bike chainstay. But it’s great for other uses too, such as: To protect your crank arm from scratches on the DH shuttle trailer, or wrap a little on your handlebars where you zip-tie your race plates. The options are endless…


Installation Clean the surface of your driveside chain and seat stays. Remove the backing liner from the roll in lengths of about 150mm to 200mm at a time. Snip a little off the sides on the free end of the tape to make a wedge shape to make it easier to pin down to the frame with your thumb. Place the end onto your frame and stretch and wrap it around (over and under the stay) creating an overlap of 1/2 to 2/3. Stretching and overlapping the wrap activates the self fusing properties of the tape. Repeat this 'stretch and wrap' action until you get to the end of the roll and then press your thumb firmly on the end to bond it to the wrap beneath. Install complete. Ride bike. Smile.

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