BBB RainProtectors Mudguard Set

BBB RainProtectors Mudguard Set

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The RainProtectors do exactly what they have to do; protect you against the rain. A set of both front and rear fenders that will keep you high and dry on your bike. The special design of the shape makes them fit almost every bike, and is easy to install to your brake brackets. All to make every ride, even in the rain comfortable and fun!


  • A set with front and rear fender
  • Two-tone composite material
  • Special geometry provides a wide area of protection against dirt and water in combination with a perfect fit on almost every bike, even with wider tires


  • Colors: Black
  • Mounting Location: Rear brake bolt, Front brake bolt
  • Mounting System: Fixed
  • Tire Width: 48mm
  • Fender Material: PP

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