BBB ProfiConnect Chain Rivet Tool

BBB ProfiConnect Chain Rivet Tool

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A chain rivet tool is necessary in every toolbox. The ProfiConnect makes it super easy to take your chain apart and is useful for every size of chain. Hook the integrated chain hook on your chain, place the ProfiConnect on the link and you are ready to go! Super easy and comfortable.


  • Professional chain rivet tool
  • Compatible with any chain, including 12 speed
  • Fully adjustable to the size of the chain
  • Integrated chain hook holds links during assembly
  • With kraton handle for a firm and comfortable grip


  • Material: Kraton, Nylon, Steel
  • Speed compatibility: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Height (cm): 1.9
  • Width (cm): 9.7
  • Length (mm): 135
  • Weight (g): 330

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