BBB DualCage Bottle Cage

BBB DualCage Bottle Cage

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The Dualcage is one of our most versatile bottle cages. With eight color combinations there will always be one that suits your bike and kit. Due to its shape you got easy access to your bottle from every angle. The special design keeps your bottle in place with a firm grip, but also allows easy access to your bottle. Have a good next ride, and take some time to enjoy a refreshing drink.


  • Lightweight dual composite bottle cage
  • Easy dual access to water bottle, from the front as well as the sides
  • Secure tight fit due to the auto-adjust flexcage feature


  • Colors: Dark gray/black, White/black, Blue/black, Red/black, Green/black, Orange/black, Yellow/black, Magenta/black
  • Sizes: Universal (33g)
  • Bolt type: Stainless steel
  • Material: PA+GF
  • Product type: Side load, Top load

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