BBB Dashboard Bike Computer 7 Function - Black/grey

BBB Dashboard Bike Computer 7 Function - Black/grey

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Keep track of all your important data. The DashBoard gives you a nice overview of your ride to keep up the pace, the distance long and to make sure you'll be back home in time. Every DashBoard has its own function combination to serve every rider. Take a look at our Computers Guide to make sure you got the right computer for your rides.


  • Easy to read full-sized display
  • Easy operation by a single button
  • Computer can be mounted on handlebars and stems
  • Waterproof casing


  • Colors: Black/gray
  • Mounting location: Stem, Handlebar
  • Auto start/stop: Yes
  • Battery indicator: Yes
  • Odometer: Yes
  • Operation buttons: 1
  • Waterproof: Yes

Computer specifications:

  • Number of functions: 7
  • Types of functions: Clock, Date, Distance, Speed, Time

Sensor specifications:

  • Sensor compatibility: Speed sensor
  • Sensors included: Speed sensor

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