BBB WindWave Mini Pump

BBB WindWave Mini Pump

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The Windwave is one of our most comfortable minipumps while using, and even while stored on your pocket or on your bike. The super lightweight composite material makes it easy to store in your backpocket without feeling a big heavy block on your back and on your bike it won't add much weight. When you need the Windwave, just click the super comfortable DualHead pumphead open and he is ready to use. The metal barrel makes sure all your power will end up in your tires and due to the high volume your tire will be inflated easy and fast.


  • Durable and lightweight composite barrel
  • Metal piston shaft provides fast high-volume pumping
  • DualHead 3.0 pumphead with thumblock lever


  • Colors: Black
  • Max. air pressure (Bar): 7
  • Max. air pressure (psi): 100
  • Compatible valves: Dunlop, Presta/French, Schrader/Automotive
  • Mounting bracket included: Yes
  • Pressure type: High pressure
  • Material: Steel, Composite
  • Telescopic: Yes
  • T-handle included: Yes
  • Type pumphead: Thumblock
  • Valve connection: Direct
  • Valve cover: Yes
  • Length (mm): 250
  • Weight (g): 111

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